Accio, Alpacas!
February 18, 2013    12:56am    1 year ago
  • Woman voice: Steam Pressure initiated
  • Steve: Alright, so far so good. Alright.
  • Woman Voice: Optimizing
  • Steve: Good, good, good.
  • Woman voice: Blue matter engines…online.
  • Steve: Alright.
  • Steve: Ah! (Spine?) Dang it! I got the blue screen of death! Aw, jeez! What? Ugh! –noises of frustration-
  • -Robots power down-
  • Steve: I apologize ladies and gentlemen. We checked this like, fifteen times before the show, that’s what the sound check is for- I swear, I’m not doing this!
  • Woman voice: Recovering from catastrophic system failure. Initiating boot file 001-1897.
  • Steve: Oh, dear. This is bad.
  • The Spine: Colonel Walter, we are in the re-we are in the red zone.
  • -elephant noises-
  • Hatchworth: So many elephants, there are too many, there are too many.
  • Rabbit: Target tar-tar-target confirmed.
  • -gunshots-
  • The Spine: aughhh!!!! (battle cry)
  • Woman voice: Error. Error. Error. Error.
  • Hatchworth: This is where we get serious.
  • The Spine: Steadfast everyone!
  • Hatchworth: -unintelligible-
  • Rabbit: Bomb!
  • -saw noises-
  • Woman voice: Steam Man Band f-file corruption!
  • Rabbit: -screams- Pappy! Pappy!
  • -gunshots-
  • The Spine: Rabbit! Rabbit! You must get up!
  • Hatchworth: The Spine, The Spine!
  • -elephant noises-
  • Woman voice: Audience incineration eminent.
  • -audience screams-
  • The Spine: Bring it down.
  • Rabbit: No! Bomb! -screams-
  • Hatchworth: No!
  • The Spine: Rebuilding- (unintelligible)
  • Woman voice: Danger! Manual override required!
  • Hatchworth: Oh boy.
  • The Spine: Keep coming!
  • Woman voice: Danger! Manual override required!
  • Steve: Ey! Mike! Matt! Get over here! I don’t know how to stop him!
  • The Spine: -screaming-
  • Steve: Do something! They’re going to blow! Do something!
  • Woman voice: Danger! Manual override required! Danger! Manual override required!
  • The Spine: Take cover!
  • Steve: I’m getting the blue screen! Here we go!
  • -audience screeches-
  • Woman voice: Manual override engaged. Start file: 002-2013 Sandwich retrieved.
  • -robot start up noises-
  • Woman voice: Steam Powered Giraffe is now online.
  • -crowd dies-
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